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Never loose your valuable backlink or domain again.

Say goodbye to Excel sheets for tracking and monitoring your backlinks, sellers' information and domain expires. simplifies it for you.

  • Monitor backlinks expiry status
  • Track backlink quality metrics
  • Track sellers' information
  • Sort with custom tags
  • Inbound links cost analysis dashboard
  • Get notified when any changes occur in your backlink
  • Omni channel notifications
  • Get insights directly in the dashboard from your Google search console
  • Monitor domain expiry
  • Set custom reminders as per your preferences
  • and much more coming soon.

Old-school backlink and domain monitoring is a mess. I lost thousands due to missed alerts. That’s why I created this tool - to help SEOs gain rankings, not waste time on manual tracking.

Utsav Chopra

Growth Hacker @ &